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Since 1985, Lik Hung has been supplying premium Electrical and Cable Containment Products in Hong Kong and China. Our clients associate LH with fast production, high quality and a comprehensive product offering. In 1991, we were appointed one of the major suppliers to The Hong Kong Housing Authority (HA) and The Architectural Service Department (ASD), opening up limitless opportunities in key housing and government projects. We continue to upgrade our capabilities in 2015 when we invested in a new warehouse, tripling our storage area in Hong Kong.


In 1992, we established a production site in Dongguan with a factory consisting of over 10,000 m2 in floor area, expanding our production capabilities to over 18,000 tons per year – an equivalent of 50 tons a day. Further expansions in 2007 added 8000 m2 of floor area - not only does this facilitate accommodation for up to 200 staff members but it also allows us to employ top-of-the-line machinery.


Today, with care, commitment and expertise, Lik Hung continues to develop and aim to bring more superior cable containment solutions and reliable services to our customer. In fact, we've never stopped improving since we began our journey.



Statement regarding trademark


We confirm that we are the sole owners of the trademark for "LH" / "Lik Hung" cable containment products. We are the only manufacturers and only sell through our authorised dealers. Please be on the lookout for copycats and knockoffs. Please get in touch if you have any suspicions.